Clergy 211
Affiliate Network

We are seeking qualified, professional clergy to join our network.


Start receiving weddings and other ceremony requests for free. There is no competition, no advertising, no price negotiation or concessions. We do all this for you!


As a charter member, your membership is free. There is absolutely no cost to join our network!

What We Do

  • We qualify and contract with the new leads
  • We negotiate adequate pricing on the behalf of the clergy person
  • We eliminate the appearance of conflicts of interest that may occur when care providers discuss payment for their services


In addition to providing top quality service for our clergy as well as our clients, we also provide:

  • a planning assistant
  • a variety of service opportunities for the clergy professionals
  • advertising, promotional materials
  • service templates and other resources
  • we act as assistants to both, the clergy and  clients

Planning Assistance

Our planning assistants and other support staff are experienced professionals who have had years of service in a wide range of ministry settings. With the combined experience and commitment to service excellence, our staff is well equipped to deliver quality, good customer experience.

Our services consist of supporting you and the client in the following areas:

For the Client:

  • Secure a qualified officiant / celebrant based on client specifications and preferences
  • Research county courthouse and wedding application information
  • Assist with wedding ideas
  • Upon request, aid with local venue information
  • Refer, contact, and get quotes from potential vendors on clients' behalf
  • Negotiate pricing and other services
  • Send reminder emails, text messages, etc.
  • For funerals & memorials: make initial call to family, offering condolences; schedule family meetings.

For the Clergy Affiliate:

  • Make the initial contact with clients
  • Ascertain client's ministerial preferences and desires
  • Negotiate adequate honorarium
  • Upon request, assist with ceremony preparation
  • Provide clergy registration information
  • Provide project updates
  • Send reminder emails and text messages
  • Ensure timely honorarium disbursements
  • Any necessary calls, correspondence, or research deemed necessary

What are our Services?

Why join us?

We have researched national wedding vendors and averaged pricing to be able to provide our clergy with comparable honoraria. Many wedding service organizations are forced to lower their prices to compete in a saturated market made possible by an easy availability of online and fast-track courses that grant the status of an officiant. On the other hand, our clergy affiliates have spent years studying and have higher educational degrees and more extensive experience, which uniquely qualifies them to provide gentle moral guidance and to navigate sometimes complex family dynamics. This is why Clergy 211 strives to offer high-quality service options to our clients, at the same time seeking compensation for our clergy that is more resonant with their level of expertise and dedication.


What we keep in compensation for our services:

We keep 30% of base packages. Special pricing may apply for some custom ceremony packages, pulpit supply, corporate assignments, etc.

What you receive in fees for your services:

You receive 70% of base packages, plus any additional travel expenses for distances over 30 miles each direction.

It is this easy!


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